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Airgun Chamber Lube is Pure 100% Silicone Oil - 2X Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil
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OUR NEW "Airgun Chamber Lube" is Pure 100% Silicone Oil 

You get 2X (twice as much) per bottle as Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil

for Crosman & other Air Guns (pellet pistols, carbines).  


This listing is for .5 fluid ounce of our very own "Airgun Chamber Lube" for your PCP, HPA, nitro piston, spring or any of the break barrel air guns.

  • Always follow gun manufacturers' oiling and maintenance instructions in your owners manual.
  • This product is 100% pure silicone oil.  It contains nothing but that.  There are NO petroleum distillates of any kind that can be dangerous in these guns listed above.
  • The viscosity has been tuned to be just a bit less "watery".  We have given it just a bit of hang time to help with the application of the product (read less mess and waste).
  • Now you can have twice as much product and in a very much better container and delivery system for LESS COST than "you know what"!
  • This is NOT for CO2 and pump pneumatic air guns.  We offer our Cart Gun Oil for those applications that require petroleum based lubrication.  
  • This product is completely ready for you to use in your Crosman (or other) PCP, HPA, nitro piston, springer air pistol, carbine or rifle.



  • This is a USA made product that has been trial tested in these very gun types. It goes where you put it and stays put very well.
  • Since it it 100% pure silicone oil, there are no concerns over compatibility, applicable use, and/or safety since this will not ignite under the very high pressures of these guns.  
  • Teardown analysis of guns using this product show no differences in wear or buildup versus the standard product.
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